Viandox bouteille verre - Viandox glass bottle - Knorr, 160ml


75% of the world's food supply comes from just 12 crops and 5 animal species. This diet is not good for our health or for the planet.

At Knorr, we want to change that. Over 95% of our agricultural ingredients are already sustainably grown. We now want to act to gradually change our diet towards more diversity, more plants and more vegetables.

Viandox bouteille verre - Viandox glass bottle - Knorr, 160ml


water, salt, yeast extract, dye: caramel e 150c, soy sauce (water, soya beans, wheat, salt), flavour enhancers: glutamate, sodium inosinate and guanylate, sugar, flavours (including wheat and cee), acidifiers: lactic acid and citric acid, beef extract,


Allergens: clery, gluten, soy


It is a salty sauce, with a little meat extract and flavoured.It was developed using a process originally invented by Justus von Liebig. Equivalent to the soluble meat extract OXO invented in 1899 for the British market, Viandox was launched in the early 1920s in France by the French subsidiary of LEMCO, the Compagnie française des produits Liebig (Aubervilliers-La Courneuve). It came in soluble or liquid form.



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