Award winning Donna Thompson-Smith, now sole owner and original founder of Le Vacherin Chiswick is proud to present the team leading the restaurant and deli delivery operation in Chiswick.


Nestled in the radiant leafy district of Chiswick, Le Vacherin has been the beacon of good honest French Michelin rated cooking, for more than a decade. West London’s award-winning French Bistro, Le Vacherin, is shaking things up this year, launching its very own Deli online shop: the overall project does exactly what it says on the tin – sells a delicious and unique range of charcuterie and cheeses sourced directly from farmers and butchers across France’s southwest, accompanied by a small boutique range of premium Champagnes and Crémants, plus a unique and delectable range of rillettes, pâtés, caviars, chutneys that you would only find in the finest early siècle humper bags. Only guided by the principles of taste, tradition and authenticity, the shop features like-minded French and European companies handpicked products. On our platform, our clientele will be also able to order a branded “Le Vacherin Deli” fresh pasta range, sauces, rustic first hand dry store necessities. We would like to think that Le Vacherin Deli, as our restaurant, is a dynamic work in progress: new entries in its online shop will be dictated by your feedback and preferences, please stay tuned for more exciting news on its developing.