Vacherin (Mont d'Or) - 400gm


Vacherin du Mont d'Or Cheese 400g approx. 

This cheese is seasonal and is only made from September to March.

The spruce bark which surrounds the cheese can often look mouldy and dark-coloured, even black. This is the nature of this cheese as the mould helps develop the unique flavour. As the cheese ripens. the crust develops a crumpled look, and grows a surface layer of mould, that's why the top rind, together with its layer of surface mould, should be removed to reveal a beautiful soft yellow paste below. 

Vacherin cheese is produced in the autumn when the cows are not giving as much milk, but the product benefits from the richness of this milk.

The Vacherin that we stock here is made in a round weighing approximately 400g. This is brine washed and it has a thick orangey-brown velvety crust. The bark the cheese is wrapped in imparts a wonderful flavour to it.

Type: Soft Washed Rind
Milk: Raw cow's milk
Animal breed: Montbeliard, Simmental
Size of cheese: 12cm
Weight: 400g
Location: Metabief, France-Comte
Altitude: 960m

Season: October to March It is an excellent pairing with Champagne. Made from Unpasteurised milk


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