Tramier- pitted green olives ,100 g


Born in the south of France in 1863, the then confectioner Tramier grew up sharing his passion for olive trees.
Historical leader in table olives, Tramier has built a reputation as a quality brand driven by the values ​​of its southern terroir, thanks to its requirement to select the best fruits and flavors from the South.
In 2007, the takeover of the brand by the Spanish family group Borges enabled Tramier to reaffirm its identity and to strengthen its range of products with oils, particularly olive oils.
Resolutely dynamic and attentive to the expectations of consumers and customers, Tramier is today recognized as the expert in olive-based products.

Tramier Pitted green olives 100g
Ingredients: pitted green olives - brine: water - salt - citric acid .


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