Tomme de Chevre truffe, 250g


Tomme de Chevre from Berry incorporates here pieces of summer truffle (Tuber Aestivum min 1%), which, combined with goat's milk, gives a subtlety that will delight lovers of goat cheese and truffle.The roundness of the rind so characteristic of Tome du Berry contains deliciously subtle flavors with a balanced alliance of truffle and its beautiful white paste made from raw cow's milk. The flavors are subtle, the paste is supple and tender, melting in the mouth. This cheese is a delight as an aperitif, cut into small cubes, it brings a touch of culinary fantasy and awakens the taste buds, because the cheese is not only reserved between the dish and the dessert. The scents of the Tome du Berry with truffles seduce, intoxicate and invite you to share an excellent flute of Champagne.

Type of Milk: Goat's milk

Origin: France, Cher

Dough type: Uncooked pressed

Taste: Aromatic

Texture: Soft

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