Sel de Guérande fin - Guérande sea salt ( table salt) - Reflets de France, 250g


Since the creation of Reflets de France in 1996, every product is tested and endorsed by Joël Robuchon, famous French Chef and Restaurateur, who has the highest number of Michelin stars in the world. He is a fine connoisseur of French regions and their specialties, and gives his expert opinion during tasting sessions each month, so that Reflets de France can always offer the best of France in each product. Born in 1996, Reflets de France is the number 1 « terroir » brand in France with more than 90 million products sold each year.
For more than 20 years, we have worked hand in hand with passionate local producers to build a unique range around regional specialties.
We are proud of our culinary heritage and wish to share it with food lovers all around the world so it may live on.

Sel de Guérande fin - Guérande sea salt ( table salt) - Reflets de France, 250g

Ingredients: Guérande sea salt 100%.


"It was between 854 and 859 that the monks of Saint-Sauveur-De-Redon received as donations several salt marshes on the Guérande peninsula. Today these saltworks are exploited by producers called palaudiers. Their working techniques. have changed little since the time of the monks. Sea water is admitted into the salt pans during high tides. It advances slowly while settling, and gradually concentrates in salt until it reaches the final basins, known as carnations. carnations, the concentration continues under the effect of the sun and the wind until saturation and crystallization of the salt. The salt workers collect daily the coarse salt at the bottom of the carnation with a las, a kind of wooden reateau. dried and crushed to give fine salt ".

Les Salines de Guérande Cooperative


Allergens: none.



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