Sardines à l’huile de tournesol -Whole sardines in sunflower oil tin - Parmentier, 135g


Since 1883 at the Sardinerie Parmentier, we have perpetuated the know-how of the sardine profession to offer you real moments of pleasure thanks to our yellow boxes! The Sardinerie Parmentier originated in Douarnenez at the end of the 19th century: the factory was founded on April 28, 1879 by a certain Bastien Stéphan. The Hyacinthe Parmentier brand bears the name of its founder. If he is not related to Antoine-Augustin Parmentier, known to have generalized the consumption of potatoes, it is likely that Hyacinthe would have wanted to pay homage to his namesake. With this double story, Hyacinthe Parmentier would have been inspired by the emblematic character of Napoleon to create the logo and the decoration of his boxes. Indeed, if we compare, we realize that two elements, namely the hand of justice, instrument of mastery and sign of domination, and the sceptre, sign of power and authority are reversed. However, the style of the coat of arms remains the same, notably with the imperial coat and the eagle, the King of the birds, the imperial emblem of Napoleon I. As for the decor, the first Hyacinthe Parmentier preserves were entirely yellow, but the top was covered with bees, symbols of the master of order and prosperity, namely the Emperor, and present on the imperial mantle of Napoleon 1st. Hyacinthe Parmentier will multiply the winks at Bonaparte. This is a daring choice because most of its competitors at the time were inspired by local life (port, fishing scene, sailors ...).

Sardines à l’huile de tournesol - Whole sardines in sunflower oil tin - Parmentier, 135g

Ingredients:Whole selected sardines, sunflower oil, salt.



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