French artisan cheese - Roves des Garrigues - 80g 1 unit.

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A fresh, rindless cheese from southwest France. This is a wild and beautiful arid area, with scrubby grasslands of wild thyme, gorse and dense woodlands of Chestnut trees. The goats – of the rare Rove breed, which produces dense, fudgy curds – are allowed to roam, and therefore eat plenty of herbs and chestnuts, imbuing the milk with its definitive herbal bosky flavour. The early spring cheeses are fresh and tangy and lemony, as the season progresses the flavours become more full, growing almost peppery.

Rove de Garrigues was traditionally produced by the nomadic goat herders of the region and sold at local markets. Although these raw milk cheeses are still available locally, several cheesemakers are now making pasteurized versions that are more widely available. Rove de Garrigues are best eaten as young as possible, preferably within about two weeks of production. At this stage, the delicate flavors are balanced by a gentle tang that leaves a very fresh, clean taste in the mouth. There is no external rind, but as the cheese matures, it develops a more yeasty flavor that can detract. Cheeses are made in two ounce rounds and are bone white in color. The texture is dense, fine and moist. They pair well with white wines such as Cotes de Ventoux.

Producer: Various

Country: France

Region: Provence

Size:1.5 ins diameter, 1.5 in high

Weight: 2oz

Milk: Goat

Classification: Soft

Rennet: Animal

Rind: Fresh






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