Roudor St Michel - Shortbread butter biscuits - St Michel, 150g


Biscuiterie Saint-Michel is a French food company based in Contres. It was founded in 1905. Saint-Michel produces a range of biscuits, exports them to about 30 countries, and offers store brand production services. The "Galette St Michel" biscuit, which has been produced since 1905, features the surname of the founder (Grellier).

Joseph Grellier, a baker in Saint-Michel-Chef-Chef, started to sell his own version of the galette in 1905, calling it the galette St. Michel (the varieties of galettes are often named after their town of origin), but it was not until after the war, when the railroad turned Brittany into a summer resort destination, that the business began to boom, and the cookies gained a broad popularity.


The St. Michel galettes are imprinted with the family name, along with an image of the archangel defeating the devil. They are made with 18 percent butter (today the salt is added separately). 20 cookies per package.

Brittany and Normandy, unlike other regions of France, transform most of their milk into butter rather than cheese. In the days before refrigeration, the butter was preserved with sea salt, and it was with this sea-salted butter that the first galettes were made in the late 1800s.

Roudor  St Michel - Shortbread butter biscuits - St Michel, 150g



Wheat flour 50%, butter 31%, sugar, eggs from free-range hens 4.9%, salt, baking powders (ammonium and sodium carbonates, citric acid.

Allergens: eggs, gluten, milk, traces of sesame seeds.



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