Raclette - 500 gm


Raclette is a famous cheese made in the mountain pastures of France and Switzerland. It's wonderfully versatile and great to cook with, primarily in the famous French cheese dish of the same name. It's also a great in Tartiflette, melted over boiled potatoes or, like we do in our London shop Froth & Rind, we use it in toasties, the most popular of which is Raclette and Serrano ham.

Raclette is most popular in the winter months as the dishes it is used in are very warming and satisfying, but the cheese is also light enough to be enjoyed in the warmer months too and is fantastic melted onto a barbecued burger or steak. For a vegetarian option you can use it like a thick and stringy fondue and dip vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and carrots into a melted pot of delicious Raclette cheese.

Matured for approximately 6 months to give it a semi-strong, nutty flavour, Raclette is made with unpasteurised milk and traditional rennet.

It is cut fresh and wrapped in 500gm portions for for you.

Region/Country Jura, France
Rennet Traditional
Milk Cow
Weight 500g

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