Pursoup velouté 10 légumes brick - Pursoup 10 vegetables carton - Liébig, 2x30cl


Associated with the Belgian engineer George Christian Giebert who had launched the Societé de Fray Bentos Giebert & Cie - thus exploiting the cattle herds of Uruguay and Argentina -, he founded on December 4, 1865 the Liebig's Extract of Meat Company (LEMCO) which enters the London Stock Exchange. This British company, a true multinational, targets the European and American markets.


In 1875, the Fray Bentos factory produced 500 tonnes of meat extracts. In 1881, the Fray Bentos Compressed Cooked Corned Beef, the first of its kind, came out of these same factories. The general management and the distribution centre are located in the port of Antwerp.


In 1899, Liebig helped launch the OXO product, sold in the form of bouillon cube from 1911. Equivalent to OXO, the Viandox was launched in the early 1920s in France by the French subsidiary of LEMCO, the Company French Liebig products (Aubervilliers-La Courneuve). It came in soluble or liquid form.


In 1924, LEMCO was bought by the Vestey Group, the entity was then renamed Frigorífico Anglo del Uruguay.


In the 1950s, “Liebig cubes” of meat concentrate were essential in most households in France and Belgium.


In 1968, Liebig merged with Brooke Bond; in 1984, the Anglo-Dutch food group Unilever acquired Brooke Bond Liebig.


In 1983, the French part of Liebig was backed by Maille (acquired from Générale Occidentale in 1980), within SLM (Segma Liebig Maille) ,


In 1996, an internal restructuring at Danone brought SMA and Amora together under the name LMA2. In 1997, Danone separated from its grocery branch and sold Liebig to Campbell, and Amora-Maille to Paribas Affaires Industrielles.


In 2013, Liebig was acquired by CVC Capital Partners from Campbell Soup Group for an amount of 400 million euros.


In 2019, CVC Capital Partners sells Continental Foods to the Spanish group GBfoods

Pursoup velouté 10 légumes brick - Pursoup 10 vegetables carton - Liébig, 2x30cl.


Water, vegetables 42% (concentrated tomato juice, carrot, potato, onion, leek, pumpkin, CELERI, peas, turnip, zucchini), reconstituted skimmed milk, processed maize starch, rapeseed oil , BUTTER of cooking, salt, aroma. May contain traces of wheat and egg.

Allergens: celery, eggs, gluten., milk


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