Pommes pressées - Freshly squeezed apple juice - Andros, 1L


The company notably owns the Andros, Bonne Maman and Mamie Nova brands, major names thanks to which it represented 19.5% of fruit juices in the fresh section market, 47% of jams or even 62.4% of chilled compotes in 2017. It is also present in the confectionery market through its Pierrot Gourmand brand. It sponsors the Andros Trophy, an ice rallycross-type motor sport championship organised in France since 1990, the Image Club d'Épinal, an ice hockey team, the CA Brive rugby union team, champion of the Europe 1997, as well as the National Rugby League.

Pommes pressées - Freshly squeezed apple juice glass bottle - Andros, 1L


100% pure squeezed apple juice.

Allergens: none.


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