Petits pois & carottes bocal - Glass jar peas & carrots - Belle France, 660g


Belle France is our own brand available in all product lines of our purchasing centre. All Belle France products have an extremely strict follow up, strengthened by regular testing carried out by independent laboratories, which ensures the continued high quality of all Belle France products over time. You will find frozen food, groceries, fresh produce, cleaning and health under the brand name Belle France. But there is also a range of wines, Sélection Belle France. Belle France products represent more than 1800 references and will allow you to offer the best value for money on the market. Apart from the French territory where it has a place of honour in all the stores of the group, including the four chain stores, the Belle France brand is internationally recognised. We export it to many African countries, Asia, The Caribbean as well as the French Overseas departments and territories. In all these destinations, the Belle France brand has met with growing success for more than 20 years, thanks to its high quality, which is henceforth recognised worldwide.

Petits pois & carottes bocal - Glass jar peas & carrots - Belle France, 660g


Green peas (minimum 50%), carrots (minimum 30%), water, sugar, salt, natural pepper flavour.


Description: just reheat the peas and carrots in the pan for a few minutes, the perfect garnish.


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