Pâté de porc, avec filets et jambons conserve - Pork meat and ham pate' tinned -Hénaff, 154g

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Our heritage. With a history of agri-foods production going back to 1907, there is no doubt that Hénaff is one of Brittany’s most successful business ventures. The secret to winning leadership status on all its markets. The long-standing commitment to maintaining a rigorous and conscientious compliance with the business principles inspired by major corporations. The company began by producing canned vegetables, launched the famous Hénaff Pork Pâté in 1915 and, in 2016, was awarded the EPV « Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant » label (Living Heritage Certificate), the State’s recognition of French businesses that have demonstrated exceptional expertise and know-how. This is the story of a family company that has successfully developed its business over time, while never losing sight of the importance of maintaining the highest possible level of care and attention regarding the quality of its products. Jean, the founder, Corentin, Jean-Jacques and then Loïc: four Hénaff generations have successfully headed the company, all equally dedicated to ensuring the company’s long-term sustainability, and also to promoting regional development and respect of the environment.

Pâté de porc, avec filets et jambons conserve - Pork meat and ham pate' tinned -Hénaff, 154g


Pork meat (91%) including ham (20%), stock, pork liver (2.5%), Guérande salt (1.5%), spices.

Allergens : none, read label.



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