Charles Antona - Corsican Onion & Honey Chutney - 110g


Our Onion and Corse honey chutney from the world famous Charles Antona is the perfect accompaniment to pies, cheese and terrines. This is the ideal, lip-smacking sticky sweet relish that will appeal to just about anyone with a taste for delicious foodstuffs.

Chutney with Onion and Corsican Honey Charles Antona is an ideal condiment for revisit the accompaniment of meats. It goes marvellously with raw or cooked foie gras (fat liver paté). Its lightly flavour of caramelized onions will delight the taste buds of the finest gourmet

Ingredients: Onions, balsamic vinegar,fruit pectine, lemon juice, Corsican honey, gelling agent, white pepper, chilli pepper.

Made in a workshop using nuts and milk. Keep cool after opening. Despite all our care, this jam may contain a glitch



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