Neufchâtel , 200g


Neufchâtel is a soft, slightly crumbly, mold-ripened cheese made in the Neufchâtel-en-Bray, French region of Normandy. One of the oldest kinds of cheese in France, its production is believed to date back to the 6th century. It looks similar to Camembert, with a dry, white, edible rind, but the taste is saltier and sharper. It has the aroma and taste of mushrooms.Unlike other soft-white-rinded cheeses, Neufchâtel has a grainy texture. It is most usually sold in heart shapes but is also produced in other forms, such as logs and boxes. It is typically matured for 8–10 weeks and weighs around 100 to 600 g.

Country of origin: France
Region, town Normandy, Neufchâtel-en-Bray
Source of milk: Cows
Pasteurized: Some[clarification needed]
Texture: Soft
Aging time: 8–10 weeks
Certification: AOC, 1969

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