Levure boulangère cube x12 - Bakery yeast cubes x12 - l’Hirondelle 2x42g


It is mainly produced by the world leader in baker's yeast Lesaffre, which markets it under the brand L'Hirondelle, the best-selling brand in the world since its creation in 1895.

Box of individually wrapped Mini blocks.

A lovely slow acting yeast that will give you fantastic results and which we now use in all our classes and in our bakery. The yeast comes with instructions for storage. Created in 1895, l’hirondelle has been used by several generations of bakers, and is the world’s most popular yeast brand.

Kosher and Halal Certified, gluten free and suitable for home freezing for convenience. Individually wrapped fresh yeast slow acting for great bakes.

Levure boulangère cube  x12 - Bakery yeast cubes x12 - l’Hirondelle 2x42g

Ingredients: Fresh pressed yeast.



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