Le Moulin Poivre noir en grains - Whole black pepper - Le Moulin grinder Ducros, 28g

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Michel Ducros (born 1949) is a French entrepreneur at the head of the French delicatessen company Fauchon, and yacht services company Monaco Marine. He is the former chairman and CEO of Ducros, a family business based on spices and mixed herbs, and still invest in several international companies. After he graduated from college in Paris, Ducros joined the family business in 1971, where he was successively sales manager, and then marketing director between 1971 and 1985, and launched the first TV advertising campaign of the company. He created foreign branches in Italy, Spain, Belgium, Portugal and Canada, and the company became the first spices brand in Europe. He became chairman of the company in 1986, until the sale of the Ducros company in 1992 to the Italian group Ferruzzi. He created in 1976 the brand Vahiné, which became within ten years the first brand of ingredients for home-made pastry, and in 1981 the brand La Tisanière, the first French brand for herbal tea.

Le Moulin Poivre noir en grains - Whole black pepper - Le Moulin grinder Ducros, 28g.

Ingredients: black pepper seeds.

Allergens: none.


This "MEDIUM" black peppercorn corresponds to a unique blend of origins which guarantees you an intensity score of 6 for a balanced power and taste. Choose your pepper!



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