La Tisaniere - quiet night x 25 sachets, 30g


Foods International is the French subsidiary of Twinings Ovo-division English hot drinks group Associated British Foods (ABF), 4th European food group. ABF is present in 46 countries and employs 102,000 people for a turnover of over 11 billion pounds. Foods International is responsible for developing the brands Twinings Ovaltine and for France and the Benelux countries as well as trademarks and Tisanière The Jordans for France. With this portfolio of premium brands with a strong reputation, Foods International has over time developed its activities and position itself as a key player in the breakfast category. Now Foods International has over one hundred employees and has a turnover of 100 million euros.

La Tisaniere infusion quiet night x 25 sachets 30g

Ingredients: Lime (60.5%), orange (21%), chamomile (13%), flavorings (8.5%) Description: Quiet night, flavored tea plants.

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