Gaperon - 300g


The origin of this cheese is located on the plains of Limagne, when the "poor" farmers skimmed the milk to make butter and used "Gape", that is to say the Buttermilk, to make this cheese. To enhance the taste, they had the idea of mixing fresh garlic and pepper to the dough. Legend has it that the dowry of a girl to marry was measured by the number of Gaperons hanging above the mantel; in fact, this indicated the quantity of butter produced and thus the size of the livestock, and therefore the wealth of the farm.

When fresh, the Gaperon does not have a crust, but the surface quickly becomes covered with a whitish veil. The dough is very crumbly, brittle and sprinkled with fine particles of pepper and garlic.

It reveals a fresh lactic taste which is enhanced by a marked fragrance of garlic and pepper which heats the palate, the grainy texture becomes melting in the mouth. The Gaperon is characterized by a great length in the mouth, the garlic and the pepper are very persistent, so it is advisable to eat it in the last!

Fat content: 28%
Weight: 300g


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