Fior di Pecura, 450g


This ewe cheese is produced in the mountain in Corsica by a sole producer near Bastia.

This hard ewe cheese develops a strong smell of aromatic herbs, but its flavor is smooth, and melt in the mouth.

Even in the mouth you still have the aromatic herbs such as rosemary and thym which are the common herbs in corsica.

it is a true balade, true Corsica aroma.

If you plan to eat Fior di Pecura the day you purchase it from the fromagerie, ensure you take one that is mature and leave it on the kitchen counter at least one hour before you are ready to eat it. This cheese should never be eaten cold or directly from the fridge, because the cold diminishes its flavor.

Our personal preference to accompany Fior di Pecura is the "baguette tradition", it is a dense, doughy baguette with a crusty exterior. In addition, fruits such as grapes, figs, raisins, adds a nice hint of sweet to the savory cheese, and enhances the taste of Fior di Pecura. This experience will not be complete without the accompaniment of a good wine; my recommended preference is a full bodied red wine such as Bordeaux, Madiran, or Cahors to complete your cheese tasting.

Fior di Pecura is a cheese from Corsica, a French territory and Mediterranean island situated southeast of mainland France. The name of the cheese sounds very Italian, it is because Corsica was an Italian territory until 1768 when it became a French territory, so you will notice the Italian influence on food, language, and culture of Corsica.

Fior di Pecura is made from ewe (sheep) milk, it is a semi-soft cheese with a washed "yellow" rind that spreads like butter. It has a strong flavor, and tastes earthy with hints of herbs. To really enjoy this cheese, it has to be mature. Maturity is accomplished by leaving the cheese in a cool dry place on your kitchen counter, away from sunlight, and preferably under a breathable cover until it is a little soft with a strong smell. In summer, the cheese matures in a day or two, while in winter it may take three to five days to mature.


  • A washed rind sheep's milk cheese from the island of Corsica.
  • This pungent Corsican cheese is made from raw sheep's milk, and has a semi-firm, quite gooey texture with a washed orange rind.
  • A particularly pungent cheese, it has sweet, tart notes, with a slightly nutty undertone, which gets stronger as it matures.
  • This cheese pairs exceptionally well with beer.
  • Non Vegetarian


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