French artisan cheese - Crottin de Pays - 60g 1 Unit

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The workshop is located in Fontenille-Saint-Martin-d'Entraigues between Poitiers and Saintes, in Deux Sèvres. A few kilometres (5 kms) is the Javarzay Castle in Chef-Boutonne, the same beautiful village where the Boutonne takes its source. This region of Poitou is the cradle of goat cheese. The cheese factory Fontenille works with about fifteen goat farmers whose milk is collected about twenty kilometres around the cheese factory. The milk comes mainly from goats of alpine chamois breeds, Saanen and Poitevines. Made from unpasteurised milk, this small Crottin is an AOP awarded cheese.When young the rind is ivory and the cheese beneath has a fine texture, slightly creamy around the edges with milky, savoury flavour.

    • Made from unpasteurized goat''s milk
    • Country of origin: France
    • Region: Deux Sèvres
    • Type: hard artisan, soft-ripened
    • Fat content: 45%
    • Calcium content: 0.7 mg/100g
    • Texture: crumbly & smooth
    • Rind: natural
    • Colour: white
    • Flavour: full-flavored, nutty
    • Aroma: goaty
    • Vegetarian: no

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