Gateau à préparer - Gateau moelleux au citron - Lemon cake- Alsa, 435g


It was in 1896 that Émile Moench moved to France in Lorraine and created a small grocery store where he implemented a technique he had learned from his boss, while he was working in Vienna at a baker. In fact, instead of using baker's yeast as was customary, it used baking powder or baking powder.

It was therefore once back in France, in the small village of Igney-Avricourt, which is located on the border with Alsace-Lorraine annexed by the Germans in 1871, that Émile Moench began to make yeast chemical (in his cellar, they say) that he sells thanks to the village priest in the little pink bag that is now well known.

From 1930, he offered preparations for desserts; the best known is called Flan Pâtissier Alsa. The brand then underwent various legal developments, to belong to the Moench et fils establishments, located in Nancy, in 1958 at the Société des Produits du Maïs (SPM), owned by the American company Corn Products Company (CPC) then in 2000 to the group Unilever, which markets more than 15 products under the Alsa brand.

Gateau à préparer - Gateau moelleux au citron - Lemon cake- Alsa, 435g


For the preparation of the cake (415 g): sugar, WHEAT flour: 25%, WHEAT starch, baking powder: E 575 and sodium carbonates, emulsifiers: mono- and diglycerides of fatty acids, E 472a, b, e and E 470a, maltodextrin, a little MILK proteins, a thickener: xanthan gum, a delicious lemon flavor and a coloring: annatto.




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