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Block de foie gras de canard, 2 slices, Rougie', 75g

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Established in the Perigord region in 1875, Maison Rougié was named after its founder and continues to inspire highly skilled chefs around the world. Rougié has become an emblem of French gastronomy over the past 145 years, striving to perfect both its working practices and recipes. Its foie gras, lobsters and duck specialities are appreciated by some of the most prestigious addresses and refined palates. Rougié is currently available in palaces, fine restaurants, delicatessens and duty-free stores all over the world. Maison Rougié joined the Euralis cooperative in 2005, and subsequently mastered all stages of the production process thanks to its 541 family-run farms. 

Our artisanal farmers love nothing more than high-quality products, which respect animal welfare and the terroir via stringent specifications as defined by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). All our ducks are born, raised and prepared in France (with the exception of those intended for the North American market). Their feed is made from GMO-free whole-wheat ground cereals of French origin*, and specifically adapted to their age. A team of breeding technicians is dedicated to implementing and monitoring best breeding practices.

Since 2014, Rougié has chosen to reduce its medication use, and it is proud to announce that 100% of its foie gras and duck breast fillets are now derived from ducks bred without any medication from birth (guaranteed by an independent organisation). This is a real ground-breaking development in the fattened duck sector! 

We aim for the highest quality by implementing very stringent specifications and drawing on our traditional expertise rooted in our Sarlat workshops in the heart of the Perigord Noir region.

Preparing foie gras terrines, along with selecting and deveining the livers are still performed manually, whereby the expertise and commitment of Rougié’s employees guarantee our recognised product quality.
In a never-ending quest for excellence, Rougié constantly innovates with the aim to satisfy both chefs and food lovers alike. Rougié invented the frozen foie gras escalope, which has become a reference for gastronomic restaurants over the past 20 years. Today, innovation is still in full swing at our workshops: our whole foie gras sold in mini jars – tailored to the rise in takeaways driven by the COVID-19 pandemic – and special duck confit burger are just two products which reflect consumer demand for casual, high-quality dining in keeping with the times. Our newly revised ranges of preservative-free products. We continuously seek to improve our product quality. 

Block de foie gras de canard, 2 slices, Rougie', 75g

This Block is the cheapest way to buy foie gras without compromising on quality and taste. In fact, this Rougie Block of foie gras can be just as scrumptious as the preserved entier. All of our foie gras products are slightly different in texture and flavour, and also vary depending on the producer but you will always be assured quality foie gras. The foie gras you enjoy and choose to purchase is entirely up to personal preference. It's worth trying a few of our foie gras products to find out your favourite! The preserves have a beautifully smooth texture which is a completely different eating experience to freshly cooked foie gras.

Ingredients : 

Duck Liver, Water, Armagnac, Salt, Sugar, Pepper. Antioxidant: Sodium Ascorbate. Preservative: Sodium Nitrite. 

Allergies: check label. 



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