Clément Faugier - Crème de marrons vanillée tube (Chestnut spread with vanilla in a tube) - 78g


Clément Faugier (1861-1941), engineer of Ponts et Chaussées and mayor of the city of Privas, created his first processing plant for candied chestnuts in Privas in the Ardèche, while the pebrin decimated the populations of silkworms and caused the collapse of the Ardèche economy. In 1885, he had the idea of ​​recovering accidentally broken chestnuts to create the new product that will make his reputation: chestnut cream, which mixes broken candied chestnuts, chestnut pulp, glucose syrup, sucrose. and vanilla extract, according to a recipe that has remained the same since. The Crème de Marrons de l'Ardèche brand was not offered until forty years later, in 1924.

In more than 120 years, the Clément Faugier brand has developed numerous products derived from chestnuts (candies, chestnuts candied in alcohol, chestnuts in their natural state, flour, etc.) and a few others (fruit jams).

Crème de marrons vanillée tube - Chestnut spread vanilla flavoured tube - Clément Faugier, 78g

Ingredients: Chestnuts, sugar, crushed candied chestnuts scrap (chestnuts, sugar, glucose syrup, natural vanilla flavor), water, glucose syrup, natural vanilla flavor.


The Ardèche Chestnut Cream is a recipe created by Clément Faugier in 1885 in Privas. This recipe has remained the same since the origin of its creation, it uses only natural ingredients.



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