Concentré de citron - Concentrated lemon juice - Pulco, 70cl


Pulco (formerly Cresca) is a French commercial brand of fruit concentrates and ready-to-drink drinks made from oranges and lemons. Since 2007, it has belonged to the Orangina Suntory France group, itself owned by the Suntory group. In 1971, the Marie Brizard and Ralli groups launched Cresca lemon juice. Two years later, the brand changed its name and became Pulco. Then Pulco Orange was released in 1982 and the lime and exotic versions in 1991. The takeover of Marie Brizard by Belvédère leads to the sale of the Pulco brand in 2007 to Orangina Schweppes (which will become Orangina Suntory France after its takeover by Suntory). In 2014, the Pulco brand launched a new communication campaign with new packaging for the “concentrates” range and with a new slogan “La Paresse a du Bon”.

Concentré de citron bouteille verre - Concentrated lemon juice glass bottle - Pulco, 70cl


Water, juice from concentrates: lemon 35.5% and orange 4.5% (equivalent to 40% of reconstituted juice), lemon pulp 5%, acidifier: citric acid, natural lemon extract.

Allergens: none, read label please.


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