Lucien Georgelin, Confiture de Figues rouges cuite au chaudron (Red Figs Jam) - 320g


Lucien Georgelin himself ensures the selection of the fruits that will make to his preparations. After being peeled, pitted, seeded depending on the fruit … they are poured into authentic copper cauldrons and begin to cook on a bare fire, in order to caramelize and keep only the best of the fruit.

We have a wide range of fruit preparations cooked in the cauldron as in the old days, with a “homemade” style packaging.

This is the ancestral recipe for jams Lucien Georgelin ! It's the specialty that made the company famous, local specialties, sound based and on regional know-how. They are cooked on fire in a cauldron and guaranteed without preservatives, without colouring and without added artificial or natural aromas.

The recipes 100% of fruit means 100% fruit ! Without the addition of refined sugar (white sugar), they are perfectly suitable for people who controls their weight or their sugar levels.
Prepared only with fruits, this recipe will delight all discerning gourmets it is cooked on a bare fire in a Copper cauldron. Guaranteed without preservatives in accordance with the regulations, with no colouring and no added artificial or natural aromas, our recipes are presented in a jar of 320g with a country label.






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