Cigarettes russes - All butter cigarette-shaped biscuits - Delacre, 200g


In 1870, Charles Delacre, pharmacist Brussels decided to sell chocolate, which was then considered a medicinal tonic. The success allowed him to open a shop specifically dedicated to chocolate, adjacent to the pharmacy, and in 1873 a new factory. It is also in 1873 that laid the Delacre brand as a manufacturer of chocolate bars. The quality of these chocolates allowed him to be recognized supplier of the Royal House of Belgium. In 1891, Charles Delacre opens a plant in Vilvoorde, and Masters develops with pastry for biscuits coated with a rich chocolate adapted to the accompaniment of tea or coffee popularized. In 1906, Charles Delacre transmits to his son Peter, who continued the development of the company. Number of biscuits known today date from the first half of the twentieth century, such as "Russian Cigarettes", "awning", "Biarritz" or more recently "Délichoc." During the second half of the twentieth century, opens Delacre plants Lambermont Nieppe and closes the Vilvoorde, under the control of Campbell Soup Company and United Biscuits in 1998.

Cigarettes russes - All butter cigarette-shaped biscuits - Delacre, 200g


Wheat flour - sugar - vegetable fat (palm, palm kernel) - powdered egg white - salt - emulsifier: soy lecithin - flavouring. may contain traces of nuts and milk.

Allergens: eggs, gluten, soybeans, milk, nuts.

Description: butter, cigarettes.


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