Camembert Fribois - 240gm


This iconic, soft-rind cheese is made in Normandy from cow's milk.

This Camembert is made from raw milk. It's white, bloomy rind is slightly downy and gives off a rather potent odor. This cheese features a creamy texture and a bold woody and earthen flavour. 

This Camembert, produced in Saint-Loup de Fribois, Normandy, is full of flavour leaving a rich salty taste on the palate.

Camembert Fribois has a bouncy surface and is gooey all the way through. As it has a strong flavour, try baking it and serving with a drizzle of sweet truffle oil or honey and some warm baked bread. 

Produced in Normandy, France.

Paring with:
• Sweet: hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, dried figs, honey, and pineapple. 
• Savory: potatoes, white truffles, button mushrooms, pork, and French charcuterie. 

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