Bénédicta - Bearnaise sauce - 260gm


Bénédicta is a leading company in France for ready made sauces.

Béarnaise sauce was created by the chef Collinet in 1836 for the opening of the Parisian restaurant Le Pavillon Henry IV. It is believed that the genesis for the sauce's name is to be attributed to the fact that king Henry IV of France was born in the Béarn region. Béarnaise sauce is considered one of France's mother sauces from the "haute cuisine" repertoire.

It is the ideal condiment for steak, grilled salmon, or pan-fried vegetables.

Ingredients: Rapeseed oil - water - vinegar - egg yolks - salt-tarragon (1.5%) - shallots (1.5%), chervil - lemon juice - cayenne pepper - sugar - natural flavor - starch modified - color: beta-carotene.

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