Justin Bridou - Baton Berger (mini dry sausage) - 12x 75g


All the flavor of the original Bâton de Berger recipe. Chewable Shepherd Sticks give you a drier, slightly crunchier texture.

To taste as it is or to cut, the Sticks of Shepherd to Crunch are perfect for the aperitif, and easy to take for picnics and gourmet breaks.

Its generous size is ideal for sharing.

The Little Shepherd's Sticks contain: Pork meat, salt, lactose, wheat dextrose, spices (pepper, garlic, mace, nutmeg, coriander), preservatives: potassium nitrate and sodium nitrite; ferments. Envelope: collagen or sodium alginate.

Traces of soy and possible presence of nuts.

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