Baguettines 5 céréales 24 tranches - Cereals baguette-shaped toasts x24 - Jacquet,300g


Jacquet is a commercial brand of the food industry used for pre-packaged breads belonging to the Jacquet Brossard company, itself a subsidiary of Limagrain via Jacquet Brossard. It was created in 1880 by Philibert Jacquet, who filed the patent for toast in 1851. He received the gold medal at the Universal Exhibition of 1889 for this product. In 2006, Jacquet bought the company SDVF, specializing in the manufacture of breads and pastries.This brand is now present in a large part of the globe, mainly in Europe but also in the United States, Japan and many others.

Baguettines 5 céréales 24 tranches - Cereals baguette-shaped toasts x24 - Jacquet,300g


Cereal flour (77%) [wheat flour (69%), oat flour (2.3%), spelled flour (2.3%), buckwheat flour (2.3%), rye (1.3%)], brown flax seeds (2.6%), yellow flax seeds (2.6%), sesame seeds (2.6%), wheat gluten, sugar, yeast, dextrose , rapeseed oil, wheat bran, sunflower seeds (1.3%), salt, emulsifiers: mono - and diglycerides of fatty acids, monoacetyltartaric and diacetyltartaric esters of mono - and diglycerides of fatty acids, treatment agents flour: ascorbic acid, L-cysteine.

Allergens: Gluten, oats, sesame seeds, traces of eggs, nuts, soybeans.



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