Altesse des Vosges, 250g


A pressed cheese with an orange-brown rind and pale yellow paste. Abondance A.O.C. was one of the Sun King's favourite cheeses and is native to the Valley of Abundance, between Lake Leman and the Mont Blanc country. The bovine breed was selected by monks from the Abbey of Abundance, who favoured the making of this cheese. Its production and maturing methods have remained the same for over 5 centuries.

Eat as a table cheese.You can serve it in little cubes for apéritif time. It is also really good in sandwiches or in tarts and gratined dishes.


White wine: Roussette de Savoie
Red wine: Beaujolais


Taste: Fruity sweetness

Texture: Supple

Milk: Cow's milk

Origin: Rhone Alpes


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