Maille, Moutarde à l'Ancienne (wholegrain mustard) - 360g


In 1747 Antoine-Claude Maille opened a boutique called La Maison Maille on the rue Saint-André des Arts in Paris and became official supplier to the court of Louis XV. His father, who shared his name and was also a vinegar maker, had become famous during the 1720s for recommending the condiment as a plague treatment.

In 1760, Mr Maille was named official supplier to the courts of Austria and Hungary. In 1769, King Louis XVI granted him the license as “ordinary distiller-vinegar-maker” and two years later he was granted charter as distiller-vinegar-maker to Empress Catherine II of Russia.

With the old-fashioned Maille mustard, the taste takes on another dimension.

With its little nutty taste, its crunchy mustard seeds and its intense and spicy flavors, it transports us to the heart of Burgundy.

It will give a new dimension to many dishes, from the simplest to the most sophisticated.

Perfect with a leg of lamb and pork chops, it completes the palette of flavors with a seasoning or sauce, which will instantly add a plate of cheese toast.






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