Maille - Vinaigre de Noix (Walnut Vinaigrette) - 50cl


In 1747 Antoine-Claude Maille opened a boutique called La Maison Maille on the rue Saint-André des Arts in Paris and became official supplier to the court of Louis XV. His father, who shared his name and was also a vinegar maker, had become famous during the 1720s for recommending the condiment as a plague treatment.

In 1760, Mr Maille was named official supplier to the courts of Austria and Hungary. In 1769, King Louis XVI granted him the license as “ordinary distiller-vinegar-maker” and two years later he was granted charter as distiller-vinegar-maker to Empress Catherine II of Russia.

This walnut-flavoured vinegar is very amber. Although it is rather spicy, it is naturally sweetened by the nuts. Moreover, this vinegar is welcome in a lettuce salad.

The bottle is nice with its label which gives it a traditional side.

White wine vinegar, flavor, preserving E224.

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