Willow flower Organic honey - Saveurs Des Andes Maritimes, 250g



The native forest of the Andes Cordillera and Patagonia is the cradle of the products that we offer you and invite you to discover. Rare honeys, organic honeys, wild morels and tomorrow certainly Aji Merquen (Mapuche smoked pepper), Rosa Mosqueta (Hawthorn), Maki (antioxidant berry), avellanas (wild hazelnuts), pine nut 'Araucaria but also the herbal teas of Peumo, Boldo, Taica that the Mapuche Indians use as the basis of their medicine ... endemic trees whose nectar you will find in our organic and / or rare honeys.

Willow flower Organic honey - Saveurs Des Andes Maritimes, 250g

Although willow tree honey exists in Europe and France, it is still very rare because the weather has to be very mild as early as February.
A light amber colour with subtle yellow and green hues showing through is a characteristic feature of this honey. Amber medium grain crystallisation. This honey is fresh-flavoured with hints of thyme on the palate. In addition to the general uses that can be made of honey, its persistency means it can also be used in infusions or in the cooking of white meats.


100 % honey from Chile.

Allergens : ( read label for extra info)


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