Pain d'Epices ( Gingerbread) special Foie gras - Larnaudie, 120g


It’s the outsider who rises. The one whose performance is scrutinized each year. And for good reason. In 2007, Jean Larnaudie's market share was only 3%. It now stands at 10%. The brand, especially established in the grocery department, has succeeded in rebalancing its strengths. It remains, of course, the second largest player in canned foie gras (behind Delpeyrat), with a market share of 15%, but it is now also a player that counts on the semi-cooked market (7% market share). Marlet). “We make almost 65% of our turnover with fresh produce. This percentage was only 30% five years ago, "readily explains Hugues Lamiraux, Jean Larnaudie's GMS sales director.

Pain d'Epices special Foie gras - Larnaudie, 120g


invert sugar syrup, rye flour (gluten), honey (20%) whole eggs, wheat flour (gluten), egg yolks, spices (0.5%: cinnamon, anise, pepper), baking powder (sodium bicarbonate) salt.

Allergens : eggs, gluten ( read label for extra info)


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