La Belle Chaurienne, duck terrine with cranberries 180 g

Discover all the originality of a recipe sweet salted. This terrine put forward the taste of duck meat finely mixed with the sensational taste of these berries that are the cranberries.
Ingredients :

Pork meat and pork fat origin France , poultry liver, duck meat origin french 20.3%, pork rind, water, cranberries 2%, salt, calvados, pepper natural flavoring, spices.
How to prepare :

Serve chilled.
Conservation: before opening, store in a dry place and at room temperature. After opening, refrigerated and consume quickly.
Nutritional values :

For 100g :
1206 kJ (292 kcal)
Fat : 26.6g incl.saturated : 10.4g / Carbohydrates : 0.5g incl. sugar : 0.4g / Proteins : 12.6g / Salt : 1.7g. NON VEGAN - NON VEGETARIAN

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