Jacques Vabre Ground Popayan Colombian coffee, 250g


The Jacques Vabre café owes its name to a former teacher, Jacques Vabre (1921-1997), who entered the business of his stepfather, Marcel Denamiel in 1946. The latter, after having worked for the Chargeurs reunis group, began to roast coffee in front of the store, but it was Jacques Vabre who expanded the activity by building the company's first industrial roasting unit in 1953 in Montpellier1.

In 1967, the company renamed itself Les Cafés Jacques Vabre S. A. and in 1968, it launched the first vacuum ground coffee on the French market, under the Jacques Vabre brand.

The 1970s saw Douwe Egberts and Klaus Jacobs (Jacobs brand) take a stake in the company, while Jacques Vabre became the leading seller of roasted coffee in France, and the company launched into television advertising.

In 1983, Jacobs, then the sole owner of the Jacques Vabre brand, brought it together with Jacobs, Grand'Mère, Carte Noire and the Interfood brands (Chocolat Suchard, Milka, Toblerone) by forming a new group, Jacobs Suchard.

Within it, the Jacques Vabre brand passed in 1990 into the hands of Philip Morris, which also owns, through its subsidiary Kraft General Foods, the coffee brands Maxwell House and Kenco. It was then integrated into its European food subsidiary, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, when it was created in 1993 by the merger of Kraft General Foods Europe and Jacobs Suchard. In 2000, the company will be renamed Kraft Foods.

When Kraft Foods, which became independent in 2007, was split into two parts in 20125, the Jacques Vabre brand joined the Mondelēz International entity. Since 2015, she has been part of Jacobs Douwe Egberts, a company resulting from the merger of the cafes of Mondelēz International and D.E ​​Master Blenders 1753.

Jacques Vabre Ground Popayan Colombian coffee 250g.


In Popayan, Colombia, in the Andes mountain range, the sun is so strong that it makes growing coffee trees almost impossible. Therefore, banana trees are used to act as parasols for coffee trees and to keep the soil moist.
This is how a smooth coffee par excellence is born, Popayan coffee. With Jacques Vabre Popayan, discover a 100% Pure Arabica, delicate and tangy, with aromas of fruit and citrus.

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