Foie gras Remy Martin Xo - Mr Duck, 250g, 500g , 1kg


All our products are made exclusively from  Mulard ducks that are reared in the Landes Region in France. Free range and 100% naturally fed using neither animal flour nor GM food.

It took MrDuck a long time to choose a supplier who was both able to provide the best quality ducks and committed to an environmentally-friendly approach making no compromises with regards to the welfare of the animals.

Thomas , the owner, cooked for the French embassy and as a personal Chef for famous people as Quenti Tarantino, Billy Connoly & Steve Martin.

Foie gras Remy Martin Xo - Mr Duck, 250g, 500g , 1kg

Keep refrigerated between 0 and 4 degrees.

Ingredients: Duck Liver 89%, Wine, Remy Matrin XO Cognac 10%, Salt, Sugar, Pepper.

Allergens: Sulfites.

Mr. Duck is honoured to have been commissioned by Rémy Martin to create a unique and exclusive Foie Gras using their unique Rémy Martin XO Excellence which stands out for its texture, complexity and richness, with more smoothness and a perfect balance. 


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