Dried Porcini Mushrooms ( Ceps)- Mr. Duck, 10g, 25g, 50g,100g


All our products are made exclusively from  Mulard ducks that are reared in the Landes Region in France. Free range and 100% naturally fed using neither animal flour nor GM food.

It took MrDuck a long time to choose a supplier who was both able to provide the best quality ducks and committed to an environmentally-friendly approach making no compromises with regards to the welfare of the animals.

Thomas , the owner, cooked for the French embassy and as a personal Chef for famous people as Quenti Tarantino, Billy Connoly & Steve Martin.

Dried Porcini Mushrooms ( Ceps)- Mr. Duck, 10g, 25g,50g,100g

 We only select the finest mushrooms and carefully dry them so they can retain their flavour for longer. Dried mushrooms have stronger flavour than fresh ones and don’t lose any of their nutritional value. They are very good for cooking sauce with pasta.

Ingredients: 100 % Porcini mushrooms (Ceps)

Allergens : read label.


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