3 agrumes confiture, Charles Antona, Corsican orange, grapefruit, Clementine, 250g


"It is my island which inspires my recipes: its fragrances, colours, flavours. For my jams, patés and my soups, I select each ingredient in order if it can return this only taste, this authenticity, which means this feature of our island, Corsica. With the plantation of organic fig trees on our land “Campestra”, 25km from Ajaccio I keep this spirit. Recently, I wanted that this know-how for the quality and the safety and regularity of every production should be recognized and certified. In 2009, thanks to the hard work of the whole staff, we obtained the ISO 22000 certification for all our products. The claim for food safety follows the claim of quality. " Charles Antona -

Corsican 3 agrumes jam, 250g


The combination of Corsican clementine, orange and pomelo has been specially designed for citrus lovers. Both greedy and slightly acidic, the Extra Jam of Corsica Charles Antona with 3 citrus fruits will sublimate your crepes, waffles and pancakes: enough to ensure a tonic breakfast rich in vitamins.


Prepared with 60 g of fruit per 100 g. Total sugar content: 62 g per 100 g. Ingredients: fruits (clementines 20%, oranges 15%, pomelos 15%), cane sugar 40%, glucose syrup, lemon juice. Made in a workshop using nuts and milk. Keep cool after opening. Despite all our care, this jam may contain a glitch.




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