La Belle Chaurienne, Cassoulet au Canard



Do you know the legend of cassoulet? According to this legend, the first Cassoulet, the notoriety of Castelnaudary cuisine, was put together during the Hundred Years War, that is to say between 1337 and 1453, while facing the English army that was besieging Castelnaudary. And according to the aforesaid legend, this is how this grand dish was invented...


Our best selling duck cassoulet prepared by La Belle Chaurienne in Castelnaudary.
Prepared with tender pieces of duck, Toulouse sausages and cassoulet beans.

Makes a delicious French meal for two – simply warm up in a saucepan.
100% natural and gluten free.                                                                  

Ingredients: Lingot beans – sauce: water, tomato concentrate, salt, duck fat, garlic, pepper – charcuterie and meat: duck meat, grilled Toulouse sausages (pork meat, pork fat, water, pork casing, salt, pepper).




No artificial preservatives added.

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