Calvisius Caviar - Calvisius, 50g


Calvisano is a typical town located in the middle of the Po Valley in the province of Brescia, an area rich in fresh spring water. The name comes from the Latin Calvisius, an ancient noble Roman and great gourmet. The unique features of the pure water in the area are the foundation of the excellent ecosystem that ensures Calvisius caviar its authenticity and freshness and made it one of the most exquisite delicacies in the world cuisine. Agroittica and Italian Caviar Srl, Agroittica Lombarda Group’s participated company, created the two product lines: Calvisius and Ars Italica Calvisius. The two represent two souls that have enabled the Group to be present on the world market with the widest variety of caviar produced entirely in their own facilities. Over 150 acres of freshwater ponds are dedicated to the breeding of different varieties of the most valuable sturgeons, allowing the company to hold over 15% of the world production of farmed caviar. Our values, our history. Our every gesture or action has always been guided by words such as Quality, Craftsmanship and Sustainability. These are the pillars of our daily values, the guiding principle, and the goal of all our efforts. We believe that the quality of our products relies directly upon the well-being of our sturgeons. Precisely for this reason in our farms we use only spring water and feed the sturgeons with the highest quality foods. Since we are both breeders and manufacturers, we have direct control over every aspect of the lives of our sturgeons; this allows us to trace the history and origin of each package that we put on the market and provides us with any information regarding the origin of our products. Since 1998, sturgeon has been listed by the Washington Convention as species in danger of extinction. At Calvisius we have been fighting every day for over 30 years to safeguard this endangered fish species. We were awarded the Certificate Friends of the Sea for the sustainable approach we have in breeding and our entire manufacturing facility is certified “BRC” and “IFS high level”, quite unique in the world of sturgeon breeders and caviar producers. For over forty years, the expert hands of our dedicated Calvisius Masters have been taking care of our caviar, using advanced techniques combined with traditional production methods; this allows us to offer our customers a top-quality caviar. The attention we pay to every detail made our caviar one of the most sought-after delicacies of the gourmet world, capable of satisfying the most demanding palates. The constant quest for excellence drives us to try to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customers. Connoisseurs will appreciate our caviar because it is processed in the traditional Russian method called “Malossol”, a word meaning “low salt.” This technique allows us to bring out the differences between the various species and their different types of caviar, letting nature express its organoleptic and morphological biodiversity. In addition, the considerable size of the eggs and the various shades of colour of our caviar make Calvisius a true symbol of style which is appreciated on the most prestigious tables around the world.

Calvisius Caviar - Calvisius, 50g


White sturgeon eggs 100%

Allergens : fish ( read label for extra info)


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