Bleu de Basques, 250g

With a slightly salty savour, this cheese releases very typical blue cheese aromas and a light sheep taste. Rather rich and strong, the smoothness of its paste brings softness in mouth. This cheese weighs from 3 to 5kg, and ripens for 3 months.
This cheese will be fine enjoyed with a sweet white wine (such as a Gaillac). For the most adventurous, a soft rosé can also be a good companion for this cheese. In 1978, in order to deal with the increase in milk production in the Basque Country, 3 small production units were created. A few years later these three units merged as a single cooperative, and opened cellars together, under the name “Onetik”. Onetik created Bleu des Basques in 2001, to complete their usual range of products historically dominated by Ossau-Iraty. Barely launched, Bleu de Basques was rewarded “Flavour of the Year” by different juries, and received a Gold Medal at the annual Agricultural Show in Paris. This is one of the most popular blue cheeses in our shop. It is made from 100% sheep's milk in the Pyrenees. When young, it has a beautiful firm paste and small blue-green veins. As it ages it becomes softer, riddled with indigo veining, with a clean, brebis taste and a strong blue finish.
Origin: France
Milk: sheep
Flavor: Medium strong
Region : Aquitaine
Vegetarian: no
Type of cheese: blue

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