Mr Duck - homemade duck rillette, 100g


All our products are made exclusively from  Mulard ducks that are reared in the Landes Region in France. Free range and 100% naturally fed using neither animal flour nor GM food.

It took MrDuck a long time to choose a supplier who was both able to provide the best quality ducks and committed to an environmentally-friendly approach making no compromises with regards to the welfare of the animals.

Duck Rillette made using ducks reared in free-range French farms. Freshly made the traditional way here in London!

Great Taste Awards Judges' Comments: "Full of flavour & nice consistency" - "Good appearance and texture. Lots of duck flavour, well balanced with the herbs".

Duck rillette is a pâté made of duck meat, cooked for a long time, crushed and seasoned with herbs and spices.

Chef's suggestion: serve on toast with some French cornichons for "aperitif" and optional Smoked Duck Breast or on a charcuterie platter as a starter.

Storage:  3-month shelf life (0c+3c)


Ingredients: duck sourced from free-range French farms, duck fat, bay leaves, spices, salt, pepper and a bit of love!


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